Wallpapers FAQ

1. What are the opening hours of shops?

Our shops are open from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 18.00 and on Saturday between 09.00-13.00


2. What kind of wallpapers do you have?

We have washable, scrubbable, fadeless, not flammable wallpapers. There is single- a double-layer Vlies wallpaper.


3. What is 10 times repaintable "VLIES" wallpaper?

Fibre-based product which can be painted 10 times. It also preserves its original size and shape. "Way of the future." AT the first time its back side can be painted as well.


4. Do you have d-c-fix self-adhesive wallpapers?

We have 600 kinds of d-c-fix wallpapers at our shops. Our full choice can be seen in the d-c-fix article on our www.ontapadostapeta.hu site.


5. Do you have d-c-fix wallpapers for glass surfaces?

We provide 18 kinds at our shops. For further details check the d-c-fix section on our www.tapetacenter.hu site.


6. Are there campaign wallpapers at the shop?

Yes, we have a permanent campaign supply. Look for our campaigns on our website and at our shop.


7.What about the prices of wallpapers?

Paper wallpapers: 3,8-5,7 Euro/ roll
Foam wallpapers: 6,9-17 Euro/ roll
Vlies wallpapers: 5,2-30 Euro/ roll
Luxury wallpapers: 42,3-461,5 Euro/roll


8. Do you have washable wallpapers?

Yes,  we have several hundreds of washable and scrubbable wallpapers at our shops.


9. Do you have paper wallpapers?

Yes, we sell paper wallpapers..


10. What is VINIL / vynil? The decorator does not want to put it on the wall.

Vinyl is a polimer-coated system printed on scandinavian paper and it can be embossed, foam, or silk surface. It is a very aesthetical wall covering system. The needs to be pre-founded 24 hours before glueing. Its glue is METYLAN SPECIAL.
Special, high-quality, very aesthetical wallpaper group.


11. Do you have Mediterranean wallpapers?

We keep a great choice of Mediterranean wallpapers ont he shelves of our shops.
Nearly 400 kinds may be ordered from catalogues.


12. Do you have posters?

Yes, we have. 14 kinds of 10-15 different catalogue is available.


13. Do you have borders?

 We sell 1200 kinds of borders at our shops, and you can order further ones from catalogues.


14. What is the delivery deadline?

5, 12, 21,30 days depending on the type.


15. How big is the choice at the shop?

You can choose from 250-300 kinds of wallpapers


16. Do you sell children's wallpaper?

You can find 150 kinds in catalogue.
Children's wallpaper from 0 to 3 years age, and 3-6, 6-14.


17. Do you sell children's border?

Yes we do. 


18. Do you sell border with car and truck patterns?

Yes we do, on www.tapetacentrum.hu


19. Do you sell base wallpaper and how high should it be placed?

Height of base given by the height of people is usually 1 meter. The available ready wallpaper is 1.06m high and 10m long. It contains an upside border.


20. Do you sell glues for wallpapers?

Yes we sell. 4 kinds of glue are available.


21. What kinds of of wallpaper and glue match each other?

Light paper wallpapers: CMC, MATYLAN NORMAL
Medium weight, vinyl wallpapers: METYLAN SPECIAL
Heavy wallpapers, sawdust wallpaper: METYLAN SPECIAL


22. Borders has fallen down. What to do?

Clean the surface and use METYLAN border glue.


23. My wallpaper has opened at the alignment. What to do?

Use METYLAN wallpaper corrector and side glue.


24. Can woven surfaces be wallpapered?

Yes, but before it, a test gluing must be done, because of the quality and suction of the wood. Consultancy at the shops.


25. Does the wallpaper stick to tile?

Yes. If you use the right glue. Test gluing is necessary. Consultancy at the shops.


26. Should the glass surface be watered when putting up d-c-fix?

There's no need to water the surface when putting up d-c-fix but it does not do any harm either.
Professional consultancy at the shops.


27. How can I finish the bubble?

Disengage the bubble with PVC pulling-of disc, or with a sharp knife, cut a tiny hole into the surface of the bubble and align it.


28. How can I calculate how many rolls I need for a room?

Length of sides of room multiplied with the height of the romm, and the result is divided by 5. E.g. 5+3+5+3=16mx2.6m height = 41.6m2/5m2/roll= 8.32 so 9 rolls.


29. What is the size the wallpaper you sell?

Usually 0.53 m wide 10.0 m long = 5 m2
But we have 0.53 m wide 15.0 m long and 0.7 m wide, 10.0 m long rolls as well.


30. How wide are d-c-fix wallpapers?

They can be 0.45m, 0.675m, and 0.9m wide.


31. Do you sell the tools necessary for wall covering?

Brushes, stripping knife, scissors, bonding tapes, covering plastic foils, sandpapers, fillers - all the necessary equipment are continuously sold at our shops..


We are expecting our customers.


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